Welcome to my mini homepage !!!

I open this page for someone would like to tell me something but don’t know where to put comment 🙂

So pls feel free to comment here 🙂

Just would like to tell you something ^^

1. I’m PRB – Ruby/Quỳnh ^^ You can call me PRB, Ruby or Quỳnh, any of them is OK ^^

Well, I told you my name alr na. Pls make sure that you recognize correct friend 😛

Incase not, it’s no problem 😀 I’m very please to make friends 😉

2. My blog is the place I kept some information according to my jobs, my life ^^: KNIT and CROCHET, and other craft…

I means, in this blog, we talk about craft only, not concerned to religion, political. So pls consider before you talk about other topic ^^ Thanks you!

3. I’ve knitted and crochet since 1993-1994. Recently, I even dream to become a designer :”>

That why almost here is photos of finished objects that I’ve made.

It may be knit-along, or crochet-along,… It may be even some mumble words when I knit, crochet… Just wrote here to keep emotional ^^

Sometimes,… I found an exquisite object… Fell in love ^^ Then, try to reversed engineering, to find out how – to – do it.  If there is no problem with copyright law, or bad consequence to the authors or anyone,… I will write instruction and share with friends here.

There may be some small objects which I designed myself  :”> And of course will be shown here first 😛

I will very happy and thankful if you give me any idea related to my job ^^



PRB – Ruby/Quỳnh


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