Diamond and Flowers Shawl

Diamond and Flowers Shawl

By Ngo Quynh

From prb2010-02

Sample shawl: I used around 40gr of Vinh Thinh yarn (Viet Nam local yarn) in color violet.

Genre: combined knitting and crochet


Yarn weight: Lace / 2 ply

Yardage: between 400 and 500 yards

Knitting needle size: US 1 / 3.5mm or Japanese 5 / 3.6mm

Crochet hook size: Japanese 2 / 2.00mm

Summary instruction:

There are 4 steps

  1. Knitting body shawl
  2. Crochet Flowers edge
  3. Crochet upper edge and border
  4. Finishing

This pattern is for personal use only and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without permission.

Please do not re-post anywhere!

Thanks you !

Pdf version is available here!!!


Enjoy knitting  ! ^^

Prb – Ruby/ Quỳnh

From prb2010-02
From prb2010-02
From prb2010-02


  1. When will part 3 be posted?

    note: 3. Crochet upper edge and border

    This part will be advised within 03-Apr-10

    I’ve been watching for it for a long while.

  2. Ngo, I love your shawl. It is very beautiful. The edging really makes it. I hope you figure out how to post it. I am very interested in the edging. Did you do it as one piece or need to make each motif separately before joining? Lovely!!

    • Thanks you, Ms.Lindsay.

      I’ve put the crochet instruction into the post. Hope that you can use it ^^

      Tomorrow I will take some photos to clarify this part more… ^^

  3. Ầy chị ơi, có cả các cô người Pháp, USA đến thanks chị kìa, mình phục mình quá, nhể chị nhể?
    Mà cái cây í, nó oằn mình cho chị giăng đến là khéo [IMG]http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd351/anpt20/emotion/41.gif[/IMG]

  4. That is just beautiful! I can’t wait to make it, but even though I don’t usually use purple/lavender yarn, I’m going to get some just for this shawl. It was made for that beautiful color! Thanks.
    Sheri in Georgia, USA

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